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The summer of 2009 I had a windshield replaced on my vehicle by Omega auto glass. The representative I worked with was great too bad the work that was done on my windshield has completely horrible.

They installed a windshield that had a chip on the top corner when I mentioned to the installer they just added a chemical to make sure it wouldn't run. The installer was very rude and left. I went back to work and three days later the chip started to run all the way down the middle of the windshield. I called and they came out to just inspect the windshield, my appointment time was from 8am to 11am they did not show until 3pm.

After the inspection I had to make another appointment to install another windshield this time when they installed it they didn't seal the parts correctly. When it rained all the water flooded the passenger side and damaged a 150 dollar part in the ac. When I called to report the install manager was very rude and said it was not their fault that I must have done something to the molding.

I would not take anymore of it called my Insurance and my attorney and filed a lawsuit. Word of advice never deal with Omega Auto glass out of Tucson, AZ and Phoenix, AZ.

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Are they really that bad? I have a job interview with them today for the position of a Customer Service Representative...

Jen, I saw your comment about how you hate your job there,,, I was already worried about going in for the interview because I originally heard about the job opening on Craigslist. They did not post any information about the business, the position, the pay or the hours, ANYTHING. They just said they need reps adn to apply. So I sent an email asking for more information before I apply for the job, and they responded two days later telling me that I am scheduled for an interview on Monday (Today) for either 11AM or 1PM...

So I said I'll come in at one even though I was still unsure about even what the job was. They sent me an address and I googled it and that's how I found it was Omega.


This company truly is a joke...avoid at all costs! After reading a LOT of negative comments from various sites about this company I just called the office # on the card the door-to-door salesman left me yesterday, and it went to voice mail.

I left a msg cancelling the crack repair for later today. (in about 1.5 hours). I realized there's a cell # also so trying to save someone a trip, I called that. I woke a man up, I asked if it's ***the name on the business card, and it was.

I told him why I was calling, just to cancel the crack repair this morning and he grumbled (seriously!) and said whatever and my phone went dead. I called back thinking on my cell that the call dropped....he was angry and said, "I'm sleeping, I'll take care of it!". He hung up on me again.

So, here I sit typing. 7/24/12


These people seem to be even ruder then described below to those who are not in need of window repair services. Some stranger showed up at my door this evening wanting to inspect my cars.

The guy (Tate) was very rude and started badgering my significant other after being told that his were not needed. I would never trust this guy or his company with my vehicles.





Im a manger at omega auto glass and there is no way we can rip you off we deal with your insurance. If your insurance allows to do the work then im just guessing we are a pretty good company and as for the persistent nature how we do bizness we are in sales if we walk away at every no then we wouldnt be a great sales organization.

As for a rude individual odds are he know longer works for us if any has a really big issue then please give a call at 4807891529.if we were truly a fraudulent company we would be shut down by now but were not and we have been in service for ten years and have an a- rating with the bbb.

I no not every company is perfect but if one rotten apple spoil the bunch would you stop eating apple the answer is no. Before you pass judgement on us because of a couple of reviews take look at other glass shops in the area and see there complant to resolve ratio im 100% postive ours is better.


I just had someone stop bybmy house today and wanted to fix tbe little bitty crack in my windshield. They were rushing me to get my insurance card and was telling me how easy the process was.

The guy who he said was training loomed to be as of 15 and was talking on his cell phone and cursing at the person he was taljing to.

Very rude people. Glad i seen these reviews today before they come to my house again tomorrow.


I just had someone stop bybmy house today and wanted to fix tbe little bitty crack in my windshield. They were rushing me to get my insurance card and was telling me how easy the process was.

The guy who he said was training loomed to be as of 15 and was talking on his cell phone and cursing at the person he was taljing to.

Very rude people. Glad i seen these reviews today before they come to my house again tomorrow.


They broke my windsheild so they could replace it! I KNOW my windsheild was find because I had JUST got home from picking up my kids from school!

They just wanted my insurance info!

Now they wont return my phone calls either. Contaced the BBB!


Yup I work here and i hate my job! looking for another employment but no luck yet.

honestly, on a scale of 1 to casey anthony, how horrible do i feel working here? Just below Oj simpson


U people r *** idiots u live in az a reason it free and it can't raise your rates if u want people to stop harassing then fix it and stop being *** about people trying to make a honest living


Stay away!


I have had several Omega reps stop by trying to replace my "Windshield at no cost to you" but there is one problem... the windshield did not have any damage...

no cracks, no chips, nothing. They try to tell me there is damage so the last one I asked to show me and of course he couldn't. One rep went as far as to say "Help me out man, I am a family guy to and it won't cost you anything." Hmmm, kinda sounds like fraud to me.

When I still said no the rep was disrespectful and rude and stormed off. A company with reps like Omega will never receive my business.


Omega is an example of what capitalism has become. They feel that dishonesty and deception are just standard practice and that leaves a lot feeling the way you all are now according to this and several other blogs I have found.

Bottom line is always call your insurance agent whenever there is anything insurance related to your vehicle. Your agent is bound to have a reputible company that will not *** just to make a buck.

Oh and remember that nothing is ever free like Omega states. Unfortunately the young people that they have go door to door are naive at best.


DONT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!!this company will rip you off. had winsheild replaced after two days it started to look like it was sandblasted had pits all over it.I called spoke to MIKE THE OWNER total ***.they came out and replaced it..but chrged my ins.

for another new windsheild. which i also had to have replaced due to inproper install..they were suppose to give me 50$ cash back for new winsheild like most glass companys do with promo.. i never recived mine..i called MIKE several times and never got it...F--- MIKE. this company is a scam and will rip you and your ins.

company off this company can kiss my ***!! AND MIKE CAN GO TO ***...


this company needs a harrassment suit filed on them. their represenatives who go door to door snooping on your property are rude and don't leave with a polite "no thanks".

instead, they patronize and then have additional reps from across the street join in. i want to see the bbb shut these jerks down.



They stop by our offices several times a year and it makes me laugh because we are an insurance company but they don't seem to realize it. Every time they come installing "free windshields" in our complex they give me a new excuse as to why I should replace mine that has a bullseye mark in it.

It is a type that will not crack and the only way to fill it is to drill a hole which will more than likely crack it so I just leave it because it is not in my line of sight and is not reason enough to replace an entire windsheild in my opinion. At any rate, last year this one guy tried to convince me that there is gas between the layers of glass and because of the crack the windshield will just up and explode on me one day without warning. Today the newest guy tried to tell me that all insurance companies are insisting their clients replace windshields with chips because the airbags are causing them to explode. I do my best to not laugh when they give me the many stories but it is just so hard sometimes.

At any rate, the point of my whole story is to tell you to never do business with this company. They are scammers, liars and with all of the complaints they have with the BBB I would never refer them out to even my worst enemy.


We have them here at least once a month. The representative that has recently stopped at our house was very disrespectful to my husband who told him he was leaving for the military in one day.

The rep patronized him and would not take no for an answer.

We will never do business with a company whose reps are so RUDE! :(

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